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ジャングルS28 GP: 全商品のリスト

Model No. K229
​  karakusa GP


5.8 inches Hennessy handle

Cut % about 30~35% 28 teeth Regular type ​

With unique comb array, able to reduce the volume of the hair finely.
From the tip of the comb blade, the order is 2 suki, 3 suki, 2 suki, 4 suki.
It is ideal not only for blending lines but also for cutting randomly from the tips of the hair and giving a feeling of bunch.
The bearings of the First Emperor series have been mounted to enhance functionality.

ジャングルS28 GP: テキスト
ジャングルS28 GP
ジャングルS28 GP
ジャングルS28 GP
ジャングルS28 GP
二梳きヘネシーブーメランS27 GP: ギャラリー

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二梳きヘネシーブーメランS27 GP: ギャラリー
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