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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the features of Naruto scissors?

One of our major features is the highly functional composite ride“Three-dimensional circular ride”  that we have engineered over many years. So, our scissors have the high durability and smooth open /close.
Another major feature is the blade made by our craftsmen who have inherited and cultivated skills since the company was founded.
“Three-dimensional circular ride”  and "our craftsmanship" makes our scissors withstand long-term use.

What are Naruto scissors made of?

Our scissors are made of the finest martensitic special alloy, which has high toughness and rigidity and resistant to rust and wear.

How can I purchase the ElDorado series scissors?

There is an order form for the ElDorado series.
Please order from here.

Order form
The payment method is
・ Credit card ( VISA, Master Card, JCB, AMEX, Dinners)
・ Bank transfer (transfer fee paid by the customer)

I want to see all Naruto scissors products.

You can see it from the Naruto Scissors website.
Naruto Scissors website
You can also download a Japanese catalog of all products.
Catalog download

How can I send my scissors for maintenance?

Please click the link below to see the flow of sharpning and adjustment.

Sharpening and Adjustment.

How long does the maintenance take? How much does it cost?

We will ship back the maintenance scissors about 2 weeks after receiving your scissors at Naruto Scissors Factory.
※The maintenance period varies depending on the time of year and the maintenance detail.
For the costs, see
Sharpening and Adjustment Price

Can I rent /borrow temporary scissors during the maintenance period?

We are sorry, Naruto Scissors does not lend out temporary scissors.

Why is it taking so long for maintenance?

Rather than mechanical automation work, we carefully sharpen and adjust each scissors by hand by skilled craftsmen. In addition, 2000-2500 scissors are sent from users all over the world every month. Therefore, it takes about 2 weeks for maintenance.

How often should I send for maintenance after purchase?

It depends greatly on the frequency of use and your daily care, but if you feel that the cutting quality isn't to your preference we recommend that you send it to Naruto Scissors Factory. For comfortable use, we recommend once every one to three years for maintenance. Daily care is important, so please see “Support,~Care of scissors ~” and take care of your scissors every day.

How much oil should I use?

A very small amount is all you need. Using excessive oil may cause trouble.

About ElDorado series

The ElDorado series are scissors with pure gold plating on the handle.
Gold is the most resistant metal to oxidization and discoloration, but when gold plating wears, the metal underneath appears.
Please make sure that the plated part does not rub against other objects so that you can enjoy the shine for as long as possible. When storing your scissors, make sure that the gold plated part does not rub against your scissors case or any other objects. Also please note that where it comes into contact with combs etc., this will wear out the gold plating and the metal underneath will appear.
<< About the price of re-gold plating >>
Free for the first time
JPY20,000 yen for each time from the second time
Please send the scissors and warranty card to Naruto Scissors Factory. The turnaround period is about 4 weeks.

Is it okay to send scissors sharpened by another company or myself to Naruto Scissors Factory?

You can send your scissors to our factory for sharpening. However, please refrain from sharpening by other companies or by yourself as it may lose the characteristics of our scissors.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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