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お客様の声: お客様の声

Good scissors that clients can feel


I cut 10~20 client haircuts on average in a day. The time is limited. It is a hard work.
I have 3 pairs of Naruto scissors. My hand never got tired and I can cut exactly where I want, so when I am using Naruto scissors I can work fast.
One day, a blind woman came to my salon and said,
“You are using great scissors, aren’t you?”
I was surprised and asked her the reason,
“I used to be a barber, that is why I can judge the scissors while I am having my haircut.”
I thank Naruto Scissors very much.

Scissors inherited from my mother

Now I can’t talk about myself without talking about Naruto scissors.
There are 5 pairs of Naruto scissors in my scissors case!! I have been indebted to them for a really long time.
I inherited a pair of Naruto scissors after my mother’s retirement, who is also a barber. These scissors are over 30 years old, but they are still in the best condition.
The scissors I inherited from my mother will most likely be passed down to my daughter who will soon become a hairdresser and debut as a stylist!
I am really looking forward to seeing how many clients we can make smile over the three generations. I’m really fortunate to have met Naruto scissors. Thank you very much.

The feeling of the cut, the feeling of fit, and perfect after-sales service.
Worth more than the price!
Which scissors I choose for my clients and myself
I think it's the atmosphere of the salon.
I don't hesitate choosing Naruto scissors.

The last maintenance after using for 30 years.
One day a customer called the Factory. "I want to retire my scissors. I am very attached to them, so I want to leave them in the same condition as when I first got them. I want to maintenance and sharpen my scissors to its best and most beautiful condition for the very last time."

I cut 350 client’s hair on average in a month. Most of the time, I do dry cut. I used to buy 2 pair of scissors a year, which were made by a maker and cost over ¥100,000  per scissors. But the scissors life span was the short and so they needed sharpening soon because  they couldn’t cut hair. At that time, some young stylists told me about Naruto scissors.
They said, “Naruto scissors are great and last forever.”
I thought “All the scissors I tried were not so different and expensive, but if Naruto scissors were the same as other scissors, I could buy 2 pairs of scissors.” I thought about it a lot and I decided to buy it even though I felt deceived. When I got my Naruto scissors, it felt light in my hand and good cutting feeling. It fit my hand perfectly.
One day, I dropped my Naruto scissors and sent them to the factory. In the mean while, I used the scissors I used to use before. The speed was different and I couldn’t cut with a good feeling. I couldn’t wait for my Naruto scissors to come back to me, so I bought another as a second pair. After that, my daughter was also thinking about which scissors to use. So I lent her my Naruto scissors that came back from reparing……They never came back to me from my daughter. So, I bought another third pair of scissors.
Now I’m a big fan of Naruto scissors.

Hello, I appreciate your support.
I worked in Toyama prefecture for 9 years from the age of 18 and gained a lot of experience.
After that, I lived in Vancouver, Canada, and it's been almost five years already.
It's been 14 years since I started using Naruto scissors at the age of 18, and Naruto scissors has been a partner in my life.
When I return to Japan, I would be happy if I could have maintenance done and stay close to the lives of many clients for a long time.

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