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Care of New Scissors and Scissors after Sharpening and Adjustment

When you first use your scissors, metallic dust will come out. The metallic dust causes many problems to the blades.
We ask that the customer pre-condition scissors in the beginning and after sharpening and adjustment.
At that time, avoid cutting thick hair, start with a blunt cut for at least the first 5 to 10 client haircuts.
Please make sure the hair is either wet or soft hair if it is dry. While cutting or after each use, please wipe the blades to remove the metallic dust with the chamois leather. Continue to pre-condition your scissors with about 10 to 20 more client haircuts. After this, your scissors are ready for slide cut, stroke cut, chop cut etc.

How to use chamois leather to remove metallic dust is explained in our movie.
Please access to the movie.

お手入れ方法: サービス

Mr. Metallic dust~How to use chamois leather~

お手入れ方法: 動画

 Care set for scissors・How to use scissors oil

お手入れ方法: 動画

Care Goods for Scissors

Scissors care goods

Please use care goods for your scissors daily care.
You can order from our distributor in your country or directly from us by email :

スクリーンショット 2020-09-11 14.46.15.png

Care set for scissors

Price :  ¥1,500

Chamois leather (about 18cm×18cm) + Oil (3ml)

The oil has been changed to a brush pen type. Please see how to use it on the movie below.
※Please note that using excessive oil may cause trouble. A very small amount is all you need.

Chamois leather (Large)

Price : ¥2,500

It is a natural chamois leather.
There are some differences depending on the product.
It is a thick leather and please folded it 2 to 4 times when using.

お手入れ方法: 商品
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