What is the ElDorado Series?

What is the ElDorado series?

This is a special series that can be purchased on the Naruto Scissors website.

With its gold plating, it is a new approach to the karakusa&woodgrain handle 

that is popular both in Japan and overseas.

Pure gold plating

Plating has a history of 3500 years and is used for various purposes such as anti-bacteria and rust prevention, as well as to improve the appearance and give a premium feel.
The gold plating applied to the El Dorado series is made of pure gold. Pure gold plating has greater luster and is less likely to discolor.
However, the metal underneath the plating will appear due to wear. Try to avoid wear as much as possible.
It is possible to re-gold plate. In that case,
please send the scissors to Naruto Scissors. (Re-gold plating is free for the first time.)


ElDorado Series


DuckboardZ karakusa GP


Baltic karakusa GP


FlyingZ karakusa GP


BoomerangS27 karakusa GP


HalflineS31 karakusa GP


About Purchase

You can purchase the ElDorado series from the order form.
If you have any questions regarding your order, please send a massage to "support@narutoscissors.co.jp" .



About payment method

・ Credit card (VISA・Master Card・JCB・AMEX・Diners)
・ Bank transfer (transfer fee is paid by the customer)

About shipping date

The ElDorado series will take longer than usual to deliver.
It takes approximately 4 to 6 weeks from ordering to shipping.

Precautions before ordering

It is not possible to change the rubber bumper to metal, to change finger holes size or remove finger rest.

About Purchase Steps

Please enter the required information from the ElDorado series order form and submit.
If you have any questions regarding your order
Please send a message to “support@narutoscissors.co.jp”.

STEP1 |Order Form

We will send you an email with payment procedure information.

STEP2 |Payment Procedure

The craftsmen at Naruto Scissors Factory will make scissors according to your order.

STEP3 |Making Scissors

We will ship the scissors made at the factory to the address you entered in the order form.

STEP4 |Shipping of Scissors

Purchase Bonus


Japanese pattern case 

“Kurenai(red)” and “Kon(dark blue)”

As a purchase bonus, " Japanese pattern case" is included.

2 pairs of scissors and a comb can be kept in the Japanese pattern case that matches the Karakusa pattern. Please get a bonus case only available for the ElDorado series.

Order Form

Please place an order from the "Order Form".



If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.


Your inquiries have been sent.

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"Naruto scissors" made by our craftsmen

Since its founding in 1963, Naruto Scissors has cultivated and evolved its scissors-making skills.

The greatest features of Naruto scissors are the "soft cutting feeling" and "high durability" that our craftsmen have made by hand.


Customer’s Letters/Reviews

Good scissors that clients can feel


I cut 10~20 client haircuts on average in a day. The time is limited. It is a hard work.
I have 3 pairs of Naruto scissors. My hand never got tired and I can cut exactly where she wants, so when I am using Naruto scissors I can work fast.
One day, a blind woman came to my salon and said,
“You are using great scissors, aren’t you?”
I was surprised and asked her the reason,
“I used to be a barber, that is why I can judge the scissors while I am having my haircut.”
I thank Naruto Scissors very much.

Scissors inherited from my mother

Now I can’t talk about myself without talking about Naruto scissors.
There are 5 pairs of Naruto scissors in my scissors case!! I have been indebted to them for a really long time.
I inherited a pair of Naruto scissors after my mother’s retirement, who is also a barber. These scissors are over 30 years old, but they are still in the best condition.
The scissors I inherited from my mother will most likely be passed down to my daughter who will soon become a hairdresser and debut as a stylist!
I am really looking forward to seeing how many clients we can make smile over the three generations. I’m really fortunate to have met Naruto scissors. Thank you very much.